Content Filtering 2.0

We protect your business from undesirable access to malicious, hacked or inappropriate websites with technologies such as URL filtering, HTTPS domain filter, safe search and GeoIP blocking.


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While nobody would dispute that the Internet is an indispensable tool for business, there exist many malicious sites that would trap users, potentially infecting systems with viruses or installing spyware when carelessly accessed. An efficient solution is necessary for administrators to manage web access and control traffic when employees access websites. ZyXEL Content Filtering is a fully integrated security subscription service protecting networks against malicious attacks from rogue websites while helping administrators manage and control user access.

Content Filtering 2.0 is introduced with improving visibility and detection coverage. It includes URL filtering, HTTPS domain filter, safe search and GeoIP blocking. Now you can upgrade to Content Filtering 2.0 with the USG/ZyWALL ZLD 4.20 firmware and enjoy the new features that are strongly required by education and other sectors for safe Internet browsing and better detection coverage.  

    Improves security by blocking     access to malicious or risky web     sites.

    Prevents malware downloads     from malicious or hacked web     sites.

    Keeps your defense updated     with evolving cloud database     updates.

    Controls access with integrated     firewall policy for highly granular     blocking and filtering.

    Simple license model to quickly     enable protection on your security     appliances.